Why Strong SEO is Vital for Your Medical Practice

Why Strong SEO is Vital for Your Medical Practice

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is vital for any business but it is particularly critical for those in the medical field. A robust SEO will allow you to rise higher in search engine rankings and be found more easily by patients and potential patients. A 2017 poll by US News &World Report shows that almost as many people use the web (31%) to find a doctor as use a referral from a friend (35%). When social media referrals are added to the total they are actually statistically dead even at 35% a piece. Therefore as a medical professional it is vital that you have an online presence that allows you to be found easily, otherwise potential patients won’t be able to find you.

Let SEO Help Your Medical Practice Be Found

Online marketing surveys consistently show that if your business does not appear in the first page of search results it is unlikely to be found. A strong SEO is vital, not only for allowing you to be found but also to ensure that your address, phone number, and the name of your practice are consistent across the entire web. Without this information patients won’t be able to contact you easily or find out how to get to your office. In big metro areas with thousands of physicians it is especially important to stand out online.

Create a Strategy To Drive Traffic To Your Site and Offices

A medical practice that has multiple locations should have a dedicated page with relevant content, map, address, and telephone numbers for every location. The information provided for each location will create a unique “landing” page which people can turn to when they are looking for a physician, optometrist, or dentist. Another important consideration is that you provide a space on your landing pages for customer reviews. Reviews are a great way to solicit positive feedback from your patients and can demonstrate better than any amount of marketing that you really care about the well-being of your customers. You will also want your SEO to include a geo location feature so that those who are geographically close to you will be able to locate you more easily.

The Right People For The Job

Cloud Talk International can help your medical practice grow and succeed by creating websites, content, and implementing the most current SEO guidelines. We will tell your story in a clear and effective way that will allow you to maximize growth while letting your patients know how dedicated you are to providing them the best possible service. Contact us today and let us help tell your story as a caring, compassionate medical professional!

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