Website Maintenance Service Plans and Why They Are Needed

Website Maintenance Service Plans and Why They Are Needed

Too many times a client has opted out of wanting to have a website maintenance service plan and instead just wanted the site built. This makes sense from a owners perspective as well what are you going to do now. Not to get this confused with a marketing service that may be offered. After a site is built depending on what CMS etc you will need to keep some things in mind, and also if an update is needed having that plan is like insurance for a small change that you want.

Website Management Reasoning

The following are just some areas that need to be addressed when a website is built, and cannot or should not just be left alone for eternity, or the next rebuild.

  • Keeping frameworks if used up to date
  • Making sure there are no malicious actions being done on the site
  • Plugin updates
  • Backups of the most recent version of the site
  • Monitoring of plugins in case they become inactive from the developer
  • Maintenance of small items across the site
  • Fixing any 404’s

These are just some areas that should make a business owner consider using a website maintenance service plan. At CTI we offer the entire package from Design, Web Builds, SEO and more, but at the very least we hope the client will at least stick with a maintenance plan.

Website Maintenance Now For a Better Site Later

When you are allowed that one update a month, or just want to see if your site is tracking okay, interested in not worrying about your hosting, domain, etc this is when having a plan like this helps. If you build a little bit at a time with your site and do not just let it sit there until you want a new one, it makes for changes, staying up to date, and more so much easier. For example lets say that you want to put up a seasonal special but do not want to waste time doing so one of our plans fits right into that, or another and a big one is that servers do just bug out sometimes and instead of sending customer to a white screen of death and no answers on why we are here to take care of that.

Why CTI Website Management Plans Make Sense

We have A dedicated team of individuals that are all hands on deck when it comes to your site. With all the other services we do offer our website management plans will keep you online, up to date, and converting visitors into customers. We pair this plan with our SEO packages to help you drive more traffic, but also our design team is ready for any changes you may want to see on the site without having to go through an entirely new development process. Contact us today for more information on our CTI website management plans and we will take it from there.

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