Outdated Websites Keep Revenue Low

Outdated Websites Keep Revenue Low

People will spend a lot of time and money decorating their homes with the latest fashions; care will be taken with the color scheme, drapes, accents and all the other elements that go into making an attractive and inviting living space. However, no matter how much time and care you take it is inevitable that as the years pass things will start to look a little dated and tired. The rule that applies to home décor applies with even more force to your small business website. More importantly, an outdated website can actually reduce your revenue and hurt the bottom line! How do you know if your website needs an update? Look for things like a lack of responsiveness, a design that is not user-friendly, garish and outdated color schemes, inconsistent company information and poorly designed forms or a lack of a call to action. These problems indicate it is time for a change.

Current Web Design Strategy

Good web design should incorporate the culture and values of your business. For example, if you own a pet care business that donates a portion of its profits to the SPCA that is something that you would want to highlight on your website. Modern consumers are driven not just by finding the lowest price, but they also want to find businesses that share their values and feel as if whatever purchase is going to make a difference beyond just a quality product or service. In the same vein, customers today tend to use a mobile first approach when looking for a particular type of business if your website isn’t optimized for mobile searching you are missing out on potential customers and revenue.

Let SEO and Content Drive Your Audience

Another critical element to having an up to date website is making sure you are using proper SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is the use of specific keywords that relate to your particular business or industry. The major search engines such as Google use keyword algorithms to determine which businesses are going to show up at the top of a given search result. If your business doesn’t show up on the first page of results, it may as well not exist as far as the average customer is concerned. Perhaps you are a chiropractor; you would want to make sure the words “back pain relief” are featured prominently on your website in order to drive traffic to your business that is the power of good SEO.

Proper Call To Action Elements Get Conversions

SEO is just one part of an active overall marketing strategy. Your website should include strategic calls to action (act now to take advantage of this great deal), it should also have page titles that work with your strategy and easy to use forms that provide data collection on the back end for re-marketing purposes. Having a form that doesn’t function properly or is hard to use can be the kiss of death, consumers are likely to get frustrated, give up and go looking elsewhere for what they need. Equally bad is a form that doesn’t capture the clients need for contact or request for additional information, all of these problems lead to lost sales and lower revenue.

Keep Your Site Up To Date and We Can Help

Just as you need to refresh the décor in your home from time to time, you also need to make sure your website is revised frequently and up to date. In fact, websites require updating and maintenance far more off than furniture or drapes! Don’t allow an out of date, non-responsive website or broken links to cost you sales! Contact your full-service web support provider Cloud Talk International; we provide SEO, Web design, web development, and social media support for all your online needs. A sleek up to date website today can mean higher profits and a brighter future tomorrow.

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