How Digital Marketing Can Help Atlanta Businesses Move Forward After COVID-19

how digital marketing can help atlanta businesses move forward after covid19

How Digital Marketing Can Help Atlanta Businesses Move Forward After COVID-19

How COVID-19 Has Affected a Lot of Businesses Around the Atlanta Area

Your digital marketing efforts have never been as important as they are now. The reality of the current health crisis is that some businesses are having to make the difficult decision to close temporarily or unfortunately, give serious consideration to closing permanently. Another major factor is that customers of all businesses now have to re-evaluate where and how they are spending their money. If your business does not fit into what is deemed an “essential” spending, then this is the time to market to them and attempt to change their mind.

With the re-opening happening not only in Georgia but across the country, in phases, there are rules that come with this. Making sure that your customers know not only that your doors have reopened but how you are conducting business is key. This is where social media outreach or even amping up your email marketing is so important.

Now the big question is what does this mean for your digital marketing efforts? It means that your need for a marketing strategy is vitally important. Here at CTI, we have a team to make sure that can happen. Maybe a new fresh look and experience on your website, or an evaluation of your current state of SEO, Social Media and so much more.

Tips for driving traffic now that the state is re-opening

Use your existing customers

The fans of your business have not disappeared so make sure your contact with them is strong. Let them know how thankful you are for them and offer a promotion for getting back to normal.

Email marketing is a great communication tool

Email marketing is your best friend right now; not to spam your clients with random news, but to let them know what you are offering, business hours, promotions, and even feedback on how you can best serve them. 

Think about how your business can continue to serve customers at a distance

Because the goal is getting business back to normal, some people will want to have things done at a distance for a while. This means being innovative on the delivery of products and services. Online ordering or digitizing some of your services if possible can get you ahead of the competition. 

Offer promotions that entice your customers to either come in or purchase

Even if you have been open during these challenging times, your customers are having to get used to a different way of living. Sending out promotional emails and discounts through various channels will keep you in the spotlight, and let them know that you want their business. 

Make sure you are in front of your audience and letting them know how you are here to serve them. 

Either in the form of placement in search or by having paid advertisement, having high converting pages should be the focus. Our team of professionals gather in-depth information that creates a strong strategy to ensure people convert into sales, clients, or patients. 

Underlying Digital Marketing Strengths to Appeal To Your Old and New Customers

SEO is here to help with good placement to let your customers know about your business and the products you are offering. This is more about the rankings in search engine results, but down to the overall experience that someone has when they visit your website.

Boost visibility by making sure your local profiles are fully completed and if necessary, hire a company to do an audit of your business online, which we do here. Having business information that is inconsistent can lead to a loss of customers. We make sure you are properly displayed on all mediums. 

A new design or user experience of your website may make you stand out even more and people will be checking out their favorite places to make sure they are open or if there is any new information. 

Utilizing social media accounts or hiring an Atlanta SMO expert, like CTI, to reach out to the community, can keep them up to date, as well as market to them. Overall, this will keep your business name in front of their eyes. 

How CTI Can Help This Process

We offer a wide range of services to help your digital marketing strategy grow. Some of those are listed below:

  1. An SEO audit and strategy to make sure your presence online is working to the best ability. There is no reason to have bad rankings in search engines, or not have top-level technical SEO on your site. Our audit does just that. 
  1. Review of your current site and implement design elements and conversion goals to boost your sales, form submissions, or even just better serve your clients. Simply changing header images, button color, and placement of items can drastically enhance your site.
  1. A marketing strategy that includes social media, website, and email marketing to maximize your business goals. Outreach to your clients, patients, or fans means your brand stands out above the others, making your revenue go up. 
  1. For our medical clients, we offer both online secure forms and telemedicine portals to help better serve their patients. We are moving into new times and digital assets for your practice or office will be the key. Our services have you covered every step of the way.  

At CTI we know that our client’s success means our success. That is why we have been offering Metro Atlanta businesses online marketing services for over a decade. Contact us today and let’s start the process.

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