Atlanta Healthcare Marketing Strategies For Success


Atlanta Healthcare Marketing Strategies For Success

How we drive internet marketing for our Atlanta Healthcare clients

If you are a doctor with an individual medical practice or a dermatology office with multiple locations across the metro Atlanta area, your internet marketing efforts can determine both the number of patients you see and your services that you provide to existing patients. We live in a digital age so making sure your digital marketing is the main focus. A digital strategy has to be properly applied. This is a big job and an important one.

For smaller Healthcare focused businesses, you can rely on a company like CloudTalkUSA to do the heavy lifting for you with our healthcare marketing and consulting professionals. We are going to breakdown how we drive traffic for our Healthcare marketing clients below.

Healthcare Provider SEO Strategies

Being a healthcare provider means potential patients are going to want information before making an appointment. This is where your Healthcare SEO strategy is a major factor. Our strategies all depend on the type of office we are dealing with. For example, if it is a doctor with a single location then the practice name, address, and phone number are going to be the biggest thing of importance across all sources.

Our Strategy:

  • Business information confirmed and shared
  • A strong Google My Business Platform
  • CTI Technical SEO implementation
  • CTI On-page optimization
  • Unique Content Creation
  • Accessibility

This is just part of a vast list we use when a client decides to go with our SEO services. The point is that just for basic SEO efforts, applying the fundamentals will help tremendously.

Social media marketing & PPC

Why is social media marketing important in the Healthcare Industry? It is your daily voice in many cases. If you are a dental practice, being active on Facebook with the community is your opportunity to connect with patients outside the office. Having three main channels and posting on all three at the same time is not difficult, as there are tools to help manage the process.

  • HootSuite
  • Yoast
  • Hubspot

These are just a few of the tools that can be used to accomplish this. From more of a professional standpoint as well, these are all channels to keep your patients up to date with important information on healthcare news. Just last week, I received a post from my doctor that informed there was a stomach bug going around locally. Posting on Social Media does take time and that is why our marketing services here at CTI include a full SMO package to keep your posts relevant and interesting.


Pay Per Click / Search Engine Marketing can be a huge benefit for many new healthcare providers that are new to an area. This type of marketing is important when people do not know the name of your practice yet.

Review what we target here at CTI

  • Competitor research
  • Market research
  • Keywords that will drive clicks
  • Landing page creation
  • Strong analysis of the best times for conversion

If you are solely responsible for the marketing at your medical practice, these tips can help increase your success rate of targeting potential new patients. Knowing your competitors is a huge factor and many times you will see similar ads in the Google search results. We utilize proprietary tools that help us dive deeper and routinely get the desired results.

Specialized Marketing Strategies For Doctors and Healthcare providers

We have highlighted how we are applying our digital marketing expertise to healthcare and medical practices around the Atlanta Georgia area. It is important to know that each marketing situation is different from practice to practice. Even the type of marketing will vary from practice to practice. An example might be selling products online that you sell in your practice. In this case, a Shopify online store may suit your needs that also incorporates your social media marketing and general practice information.

The design of your website is something that plays into the overall marketing formula to be successful. With all of these online marketing services being considered, you know that you have the best digital marketing agency in the Atlanta Georgia area that helps drive traffic and improves patient experiences for your practice. For more information on our services or how we can assist you, please feel free to reach out to us.

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