Dermatology Specific Internet Marketing

Dermatology Specific Internet Marketing

Regardless of the size of your dermatology practice or the number of years, you have been in business you will need an internet marketing strategy to drive potential patients to your door. An effective online marketing program can help grow your client base, raise awareness of the services you offer and serve as a cost-effective way of increasing revenue. A robust online marketing plan will not only help you draw in new patients it will also strengthen your relationship with current customers. Clients who have not visited your practice in some time may be spurred to do so by seeing a social media post with skincare tips or a tweet about some new product or service. You can also use internet marketing to connect with your community and highlight ways in which your business gives back, something that is increasingly important in a more socially conscious age.

 Clients that are looking for dermatology specific needs

One important goal of your marketing strategy should be to reach clients that are looking for specific dermatological needs, rather than just waiting to show up organically in a list of search results and hope that they choose to contact you. Depending on your resources and the goals of your marketing effort you may want to consider paid advertisements like Google Ad Words to get your services in front of as many eyes as possible. By hiring an outside firm like Cloud Talk Interactive, you get the full benefit of our expertise and attention to your marketing plan, and we can create customized ads to deliver just the right message for your practice.

Other specific internet marketing strategies include reaching out to local community publications, bloggers, and webmasters to see if they are willing to feature your business, this kind of organic reach is a great way to promote the things that make your Dermatology practice stand out from the rest! Sponsoring community events such as one for skin cancer awareness is also a great way to get your name out there.

Position your site to the highest grossing services

Your website should work in tandem with your overall marketing strategy. You will want to position your web pages to drive your clients and patients to the highest grossing services you offer. The connection to top grossing services such as laser hair removal or various skincare products will help convert visitors into customers and drive increased profitability. Examples include having a call to action on your homepage and having landing pages that promote a particular product or service with a discount or special. Make sure the highest value services are featured prominently on your website navigation and not hidden away under “services.” Finally, it is vital to have professional, high-quality SEO for your website. You can have the best services and products imaginable and high-quality web design, but if you don’t show up in search results then you are wasting time and money!

Monitor seasonal services and what’s trending

As a medical professional you should always be aware of what is trending in the dermatology space. Use this knowledge to your advantage by highlighting different services at different times of the year. In the summer you will want to talk about checking for skin cancer, optimal sunscreens to use for protection from dangerous UV radiation, and so on. If you have a blog on your website, you will also want to write on these topics. During the cold winter months, you can focus on treatments for dry skin or skin rejuvenation therapies to get you ready for the spring beach session. Having these seasonal services front and center at the appropriate times will maximize patient attention and profits.

Trying to do all this on your own would be overwhelming and would take away vital time from growing your practice. However, there is a solution; Cloud Talk Interactive stands ready to assist you with all of your online marketing needs. We can handle everything from developing your high-quality website to site maintenance, social media, online marketing, and more. Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started about how CTI can be part of your future growth and success!

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