Google Guarantee For Small Business Marketing

Google Guarantee with Cloudtalk
Google Guarantee with Cloudtalk

How does Google Guarantee Work?

Let’s say you need your refrigerator repaired. Likely, you’ll begin with a Google search to find someone locally. The problem is, there are a lot of choices and a brief online search doesn’t always highlight the most reliable businesses. Now, if you’re scanning the results and see a green checkmark icon with the phrase, “Google Guaranteed” next to it, you will probably be drawn to click on that business listing. Even without the full knowledge of what this designation represents, it’s obviously a good sign that this company is trustworthy, and certified by Google. 

The above scenario occurs for all types of businesses in a variety of industries, from appliance repair to residential cleaning services, auto repair, and more. The eye-catching green badge draws customers in and helps businesses stand out from the competition. So, what should you know about Google Guarantee? Let’s look at the process, costs, benefits and how this lead generation tool could aid in your overall business growth.

The Google Guarantee Process and Investment

Google Guarantee is a verification service specifically developed to support local companies while preventing fraudulent services. This recognizable badge appears in search results for businesses who pass the Google screening and qualification process.

In order to distinguish your business by becoming Google Guaranteed, you must register for Google Local Service Ads (LSA). By displaying relevant business information, including service type, address with contact details, reviews, and hours, LSA helps to connect you with customers. Businesses become officially recognized as Google Guaranteed following a series of screening assessments, that include background checks, verification of general liability insurance, and business or owner licenses. 

Once you’ve received your highly coveted Google Guaranteed badge, it is vital the proper protocol is followed, in order to maintain your status. This means retaining appropriate license and insurance, ensuring updates are made to your Google Business page, collecting positive reviews, and addressing unhappy customers or claims.

The program costs a base fee of $50 per month, with additional costs for each customer lead. Google Guarantee differs from pay-per-click (PPC), as you’ll only be paying when a customer actually calls or connects to engage your services. 

Costs vary, depending on your industry and market, but you’ll pay per lead, instead of each time a potential customer clicks on your ad. Though the range varies, most leads cost approximately $25. Companies can also dispute illegitimate leads, if a customer does not provide proper contact information, or is located outside of your service area. 

Benefits of Google Guarantee

Many businesses are already utilizing Google’s LSA for lead generation via paid search efforts. Google Guarantee takes it a step further, by offering help for businesses who want to draw in more organic traffic just like you do with our SEO Services.

The Google Guaranteed program offers an avenue for businesses to rise to the top of searches, without investing the time and money needed for paid search engine marketing. Not only does this save time, Google Guaranteed listings are displayed above the typical PPC Google Ads. As a business owner, you may appreciate the ease of this option that targets organic traffic, with a simple, flat-rate cost.

Is It Better Than Traditional PPC?

Google Guaranteed aids in cutting down on the confusion some consumers experience when comparing local businesses. The program works to set you apart from competitors by building potential customers’ trust in you, as a certified company. Acting as a consumer protection service, Google Guaranteed offers a valuable option for customers to spend money, with confidence. 

With Google Guaranteed, reaching prospective customers becomes more efficient with fewer individuals needed to manage marketing efforts. While paid search can be a powerful solution, many businesses don’t have the time or budget necessary to see a significant enough ROI. The Google Guarantee program allows your marketing dollars to be put to a specific use, rather than playing the keyword guessing game. 

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