Why have a website maintenance agreement?

Why have a website maintenance agreement?

New Website vs New Car

Let’s imagine that you’ve just purchased a shiny new car. The new vehicle has everything you were looking for and then some, but it also represents a considerable investment of time and money, so you are going to want to take care of it. At the very least you would like to have the oil and filters changed regularly, the tires rotated, and all of your fluid levels checked.

Car Maintenance vs Website Maintenance

Not doing this would be irresponsible and could put your investment in the new car at risk. In the same way that you would want to take care of a new car, you need to make provisions for a maintenance agreement for your new website.

Like a car, your website represents a significant investment of both time and money and also like a car it requires regular maintenance in order to keep functioning properly. Here are a few tips about website maintenance that you may not be aware of.

Looks to Web Security Why Worry About it?

Themes, plugins, and frameworks are constantly evolving and changing, so it is helpful to have a professional who is on top of these changes and tasked with keeping your website current and relevant.

A website can quickly look dated if not maintained properly and you may find yourself dealing with broken links and plugins that don’t work properly or at all if you don’t stay on top of things. In addition to this, a qualified web development professional will monitor and protect your site against security threats.

Unfortunately, there are armies of hackers out there, many of whom will delight in taking down your website just for the fun of it. To continue you in the car analogy you might think of this as protecting your vehicle against the hazards of the road such as grit and gravel, or more seriously potholes and flying debris. While there is no such thing as perfect web security your site can be “hardened” to make it much harder to attack and bring down.

The Need For Professional Website Maintenance

Of course, every website must be updated from time to time. We see many websites that are pristine examples of the early 2000’s, and it shows. They are outdated and in many cases barely functional. Eventually, that shiny new car will need a new paint job or brakes, the same applies to your website. Without a proper maintenance agreement, you will have to pay someone every time your site needs an update. At the pace that web design is evolving and changing this could quickly become a costly proposition. You could try to handle all of these things in-house, but most small businesses don’t have the time or personnel to handle regular web maintenance.

Let CloudTalk USA Do It For You!

With a team of web professionals backing you up, you will save money and time in the long run. You will also have peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about website downtime and that best practices are being followed by the company you have hired to perform this service. So why not focus on running your business and leave the web driving to us? The highly trained staff at Cloud Talk is always ready to assist you with a customized solution to your web development needs!

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