Website Content Design Flow To Maximize SEO

Website Content Design Flow To Maximize SEO

By optimizing the content design of your webpages you can actually improve the SEO rankings of your business, but more so the conversion of the page itself. The way content is presented on your website and the flow of the different webpage elements can actually make a significant difference in the users experince. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the way that potential customers can find your business online. When you use a tool like Yahoo or Google you are actually looking for certain key terms and phrases, of course as a business owner you want as many eyes as possible on your website since that is what will drive sales and help you improve market share. The problem is when the searchers gets there then what? Well to answer that you have to have the right placement of key elements and content.

Placement of Headings, Images, and Focus is Key

Proper content placement and graphics play a key role in whether or not your page will come up near the top of search results. Great content can be buried by poor webpage content design. For example, a dentist office may write some great tips for preventing cavities and proper dental hygiene, but if that information is vauge or not right to the point the visit to the page may be cut short, and then taken to compeitiors site that answers their question better.  As a result your small business could be looking at lost opportunities and lost revenue.

Important Questions To Ask When Developing Content

There are certain key questions that you must ask when developing a webpage to make sure it will work effectively with your strategy.

  • What will best help the user searching?
  • What order or priority of the informaiton will best serve the user?
  • What is the main goal that the page should accomplish?
  • What needs to go on this page, in what order and with what placement?

Perhaps the searcher is trying to find a store that sells vintage clothing, if that is the case you will want to make sure those search terms appear near the top of your page in the headline and introductory paragraph. Answering your visitor’s questions quickly and efficiently is the key to converting visitors to your website into customers. An example would be explaining what type of clothing, any deals you have going on, trendy fashion terms that the user may be looking for.

When developing a website you should always keep three main goals in mind. First, quickly provide an answer or solution to whatever question or problem your visitor may have. Secondly, make it easy and efficient for that person to place an order and answer any questions they may have about the ordering process. Finally, optimize your website in support of your overall business goals, without straying away from the first two principles. Cloudtalk USA can assist with both web design and SEO tactics and with content creation. Let us help you drive your online sales strategy!

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