Better Information=Better Results: Building a Content Driven Website

Better Information=Better Results: Building a Content Driven Website

In the old timey days of the late 90’s and early 2000’s web design was a lot simpler and a lot more boring. Perhaps you would post some sort of brief introduction to your business, a few old articles, and some sort of animated gif and you would be done. Then you could sit back, relax, and congratulate yourself on being ahead of the curve compared to your competitors who had no web presence at all. However, that sort of approach simply won’t cut it in the fast paced world of the present.

An effective website needs to be:

  • Dynamic
  • Interactive
  • Educational

Simply having a page that gives you a statement of purpose for your business is not sufficient, you need to provide a short education on the process, cost, and the reason why they should use your services. For example a dermatology practice might have a page on getting screened for skin cancer but that page should come with a bullet point list of reasons why, prevention tips, and the process of getting checked.

Two Main Reasons a Content Driven Website Works

1. The purpose of this kind of layout is two-fold, on the one hand it serves to answer questions that the prospective customer or patient will naturally have.

2. On the other hand it is also an effective means of getting optimal search ranking results, making sure that you appear near the top of any online search.

In the example given above a search on “how to spot skin cancer” or “skin cancer screening” should get you near the top of the list. You want to be a source of knowledge and expertise for other businesses and potential customers who are researching topics of importance to your business. Google uses a tool called a “knowledge graph” to rank research results and as with all other types of searching, the nearer the top of the results you are, the better.

A Well-Developed Website Will Include

strong titles for each page section that will be well reflected in your SEO. If “risk factors for melanoma” is a top research query then you want to have a section of your web pages that uses that title. Your website needs all the key marketing elements including appropriate images, strong unique (preferably original) content, and a call to action such as a “contact us” button or a link to go to if you want to “learn more.”

Cloud Talk International can help you develop a unique web presence that will get your business the results you desire. Leave the design elements and SEO up to us, but the most effective websites will be a partnership between the business owner and your web developer. For instance, content writing is often best done by the business owner since they have the most knowledge, insight and expertise on the topic. CTI can be your resource for all of these services and we can help you craft pages that will give you a top notch website!

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