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When it comes to finding web design company in Metro Atlanta CloudTalk Interactive should be the first thing that comes to mind. The website design is the first step to captivating your audience and converting them into customers.

Brand Focused

Our design team is here to take your brand to the next level. When we design products for a client, ensuring that the brand stands out is our top priority. If you have been struggling to get your brand to stick in the minds of your customers let us take control and provide assets that will make sure it stands out. From business cards to logos we have a proven record of brand focused projects that have helped businesses grow.

Research Driven

Just simply designing is not what we do here at CTI, but instead create based off of research our team provides. What that means is if you come to us for a website design or any product design we research your industry and find out what speaks to your audience the most. In return the design will get more conversion of clients, be more disruptive in your industry, and most of all be memorable.


Responsive first or mobile first in many areas can make or break your site from getting users. As stated above our research driven design will let us know what your audience is made of. From that we will know how to best design your product to fit the needs of your users. Now responsive is applicable to be accessed on all devices but we take it to the next level by designing your website or app to be specific to your main flow of users.

Conversion Design

A design is good but if it does not convert into sales, happy users, or increased subscriptions then what is it good for? All of our process revolves around the conversion aspect. Making sure the correct elements are in place to provide the best user experience will make you stand out from the competition. Even if they are doing that as well we are doing it better. A big statement yes but with the research aspect we provide during the design process no matter what it is we deliver better.

Web Design Services For Atlanta Businesses

We have a team of designers that are here to make your vision a reality for your business presence on the web. Web design is just one of the many services we offer to get your Atlanta business to stand out. From SEO, Web Development, and Brand Marketing are some of the others.

What Type of Web Design Company Do You Need?

It is not always a full website that needs to be designed and knowing that we have many different specialized areas to assist with your business needs. Some may think that every design is standard but it is not.

For example, if you are running an e-commerce store the layout and overall performance are going to be different. If it was a content heavy site that was just displaying information then other approaches are needed. Some of the specialized Web Design services we offer are below.

All Your Design Needs In One Place

  • Website Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Business Cards
  • Logos
  • E-Mail Marketing Design
  • Branding
  • Advertising Design

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Let’s Start Designing Today!

Why Choose CloudTalk for your Web Design?

As one of the best web design companies in Atlanta. We consider all options to ensure that your targeted audiences have the best user experience possible, and that they can be immediately captured and converted.

Our creative deign results in high traffic conversion and ultimately increase your bottom line. As experienced design and branding expert team. We have successfully designed and constructed more than 1,500 websites and interactive web portal design.

Our e-commerce web design has been for companies of all sizes in a wide range of industry verticals. Talk to us today for your creative design needs and let us help you make a real difference in your bottom line.