Utilize your client’s email for re-marketing

Utilize your client’s email for re-marketing

Why utilize your clients email for re-marketing? You may not realize it, but there are a lot of emails that a company collects through their day to day interactions with clients or people interested in their business. If you have a form on your site, there is a big chance that everyone that submits a form is providing their address, or if you have a signup sheet at the front desk of your medical practice, for example, there could be a place there for people to provide basic information. A big part of this is to know when this is too invasive or the perfect marketing opportunity. Once you grow your list, it can be filtered and passed to the marketing department or given to a company like us, CTI, who can then take it and start the process with our awesome email marketing team.

Basic Email Campaign to Existing Clients

It is important to remember keeping your business in front of your clients keeps them interested in your services and this is why using clients email for re-marketing work so well. Even with the most basic email campaign, you can have company updates, specials, and information on your services. For example, if you are a dermatologist, just having a small email campaign speaking about a recent blog posts on sun damage exposure and having some tips on staying safe can have clients calling in for their annual mole screening.

Platform for Promoting

One massive opportunity is how email re-marketing to clients is a great way to promote new services. Sometimes businesses have a model that only has people coming into their business once a year or when they need the specific service. If you are growing and evolving, you want to let these people know that you have more to offer and that is where a monthly email blast comes in perfect. Also, if you are running any specials, having an email list to get that news out too, can increase overall conversion.

In closing, there are missed opportunities if a company collects emails and does nothing with them. By having a strong email marketing strategy and using clients email for re-marketing, you now have the opportunity to showcase your business to all those who already know about it. You may be able to use email marketing to see how you can improve through surveys, or offer seasonal specials, and lastly, just keep your brand in front of the people who have already used your services. If you are interested in email marketing, web development, or design, which all comes into play when doing email marketing, then contact us today and have the team at CTI assist in your company’s growth.

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