HIPAA Compliant Websites and What to Know

HIPAA Compliant Websites and What to Know

What is a HIPAA compliant website?

First off healthcare websites in general are great tools for any medical practice with the ability to house personal information, book appointments, and sign up for programs. A HIPAA compliant website has to protect data in two different ways. First is securing data on the actual website server from harmful access, and the second is securing the transferred data from the site itself such as forms ect. This information is called Electronic-Protected Health Information or ePHI for short.

Guidelines for protecting ePHI data (HIPAA Compliance)

  1. Transporting encryption of any data passed
  2. Backup of all data for future recovery
  3. Unique access so only authorized personnel can see it
  4. Logging who has accessed the ePHI data both when and where
  5. Protecting all data from tampering or changing without authorization
  6. Storage encryption so all data stored is encrypted
  7. Proper disposal of data so when it is deleted it cannot be recovered
  8. BAA (business associate agreement) is signed so all involved know what is at risk in-case of a data breach.

Time to Build that HIPAA Compliant website

The above areas are all needed to ensure that your site is HIPAA compliant, and if you are considering building a new website for your medical practice, dermatology, dental practice and more then look no further than CTI for your web development needs. We have teams of professionals ready to build a state of the art website for you that is 100% HIPAA compliant. Don’t let your business or patients be at risk of data exposure and make sure you have the correct steps in place. Stay tuned for our future posts on how to make sure you wordpress site is HIPAA compliant, HIPPA email tips, and also web hosting considerations for HIPAA.

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