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Web Development Terms Part One

Web Development Terms You May Want to Know: Part I

If you are considering hiring someone to design or re-design your website, there are certain terms and concepts that you need to be familiar with. Like every profession, web development has its own “secret language,” words and expressions that may not be known to those outside the industry. Knowing what these phrases mean can help you, and your web developer communicate more efficiently and ensure a better outcome of your website project. Accessibility One word you may hear often used by [...]

Mobile vs. Responsive

Mobile vs. Responsive

A website that is optimized for mobile users is likely to be high on the list of requests from businesses and other organizations that are thinking about setting up a new website. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider with each approach. One common approach is to create a mobile “friendly” website; a mobile friendly website will work on any handheld device (such as a smartphone) or tablet. A more advanced web design is one that is mobile [...]

Web Site Builder Will Not Do For You

What A Do-It-Yourself Website Builder Won’t Do For You

Owning your own business is a lot of work and risk with a high reward when it all succeeds. It’s never been easy to run a business of any size and today there’s a new dimension to the difficulty in the form of the Internet and websites. Every business needs a web page. Do-it-yourself website builders are out there, but they might not do all of what your business needs to succeed. At Cloud Talk USA we realized nearly every [...]