Location Base Services

Our Location Base Solutions

CloudTalk Interactive has guided businesses, government agencies and organizations – helping them harness the power of geographic information to transform decision-making, operations, and ultimately…the lives of the people they serve.

Mapping and geographic information visualization makes a difference. Imagine selecting a site for a new bank branch in an up and coming area. What if you could spot demographic trends before property prices go up…and before the competition even has a clue? What if you could optimize distribution routes…and save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in fuel costs?

We pride ourselves on being the GIS (geographic information systems) software solutions experts. From retailing, to health care, telecommunications, manufacturing, and public administration, our clients know that a friendly, knowledgeable Mapping Solutions staff member will always be available to help solve a business challenge


Integration of off the shelf mapping components with your existing customer databases or applications. Whether you are using Oracle, SQL Server, web services, Java, .NET, or something else, we can help you integrate mapping.

Analyze New and Existing Markets

Analyze new and existing markets for potential revenue opportunity. Run market counts using combinations of geographic, industry, business demographics, and spatial information to assess the size and potential revenue opportunity in various market, product and customer segments.


CloudTalk Interative can provide your organization with consulting services to help you achieve the maximum benefit from your data. Whether your company is seeking sales territory optimization, site selection, or targeted marketing solutions, CloudTalk can help!

Database Extraction Application

Complete data access and analysis tool that helps clients with all phases of Market Opportunity Sizing and Analysis, Customer Segmentation Sizing and Analysis and Sales Management activities.

Develop Target Business Prospect Lists

Sales Reps can identify, locate and rank their best target business prospects within their individual Sales Territories and download this list. The Sales Rep can list potential target business prospects that are nearby and improve their sales productivity by scheduling sales calls to these nearby prospects.

Create On-Demand Customer and Prospect Profiles

Clients can analyze and profile existing customers to develop better targeted lists of high value prospects for new acquisition campaigns or service upsell/bundle campaigns.

Evaluate Current Market Penetrations

Clients can calculate penetrations at the individual market, customer and product segment levels to identify underperforming segments and develop strategies and action plans to improve performance and increase customer penetrations and revenues.


We can provide your organization with custom programming and application development to suit your mapping needs.

We utilize C++, C#, Visual Basic, ASP, ASP.NET, MapInfo MapBasic, Java, SOAP Web Services and other programming languages to provide you with custom MapInfo and Microsoft MapPoint applications to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Need to add mapping functionality to your application but dont want the hassle of direct ownership and maintenance of the data? We can help you embed mapping functionality by utilizing programmable SOAP/XML web services. Example services include the Microsoft MapPoint Web Service, ESRI ArcWeb for Developers and the MapInfo Envinsa Web Service suite.

The following are some examples of the custom programming we can provide for you:

MapBasic – Automation tool for MapInfo Professional

  • Simplify repeated or complex tasks in MapInfo Professional
  • Modify user interface for casual users
  • Increase functionality for power users

SpatialWare / SQLServer 2008 – Enhanced spatial capabilities for databases

  • Utilize the power of your relational database for spatial analysis
  • Incorporate spatial objects directly into Microsoft SQL Server
  • Database design and maintenance
  • Standard SQL and Spatial SQL query construction

Microsoft MapPoint – Entry-level desktop mapping

  • Batch routing functionality
  • Embed MapPoint maps and technology into your application
  • Display other native GIS formats in MapPoint

MapXtreme – MapInfo’s web-mapping solution

  • Complete internet/intranet “Find Nearest Dealer” solution
  • More powerful internet/intranet/enterprise solutions
  • Layer manipulation
  • Thematic shading
  • Demographic reports
  • .NET and Java versions available.
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Customization

GIS Data Analysis Application

Our online mapping web service that is so simple to use it allows even the most novice user to take advantage of powerful spatial data analysis. The application can be customized on a client by client basis and our Web Services department will be happy to build a custom module to provide the right solutions that you need to be successful.


Flexible – Can be customized on a client by client basis

Easy to UseAnalyze data visually or upload a file to append spatial information right from a Web browser.

Powerful – A mapping application that is affordable, fast, and extremely accurate.

Visual – Maps display over 200+ fields of information per object

Efficient – Benefit from increased productivity by cutting out the middle man and getting the information you need when you need it.

Standard Services:

  • Validate the geography of a search
  • Review the data live on the map with over 200+ fields of information per point
  • Map custom boundaries, territories, and assets
  • Toggle between road and aerial maps for improved visual analysis
  • Geocode any standardized address in the U.S.
  • Map a location with latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Map landmarks by using generic names
  • Map a location by using two intersecting street
  • Geocode one address at a time or batch geocode large files
  • Compute the distance between two points by line of site or the shortest drive time
  • Retrieve images in different formats and sizes, with custom icons, and multiple layers of information
  • Hosted on secure 24/7 cloud computing service with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

Infrastructure Route Planning and Cost Application

Infrastructure Route Planning and Cost Calculation allows a user to map any location in the U.S. using a variety of techniques. Once your location is correctly positioned on the map it only takes a simple mouse click to find the nearest fiber splice point instantly. Using actual street path and enhanced routing technology the application returns an incredibly accurate distance from location-to-splice point. Not happy with the route returned? Just modify the route with a few clicks of the mouse or draw your own route with our Fiber Planning tool set.

Infrastructure Route Planning and Cost Calculation drastically reduces the time an organization would normally spend to qualify a lead, get an instant estimate for the cost to build the fiber to the location, and assists with fiber network planning by generating routes on demand in minutes.