Digital Marketing For Dentists

You manage a bustling dental practice. Between providing exceptional service to your current clients, facilitating the training of your staff, and tackling daily operational tasks, there’s not much time left to promote your business to prospective patients. This is precisely why CloudTalk Interactive, a grassroots digital marketing agency located in metro Atlanta, is here to help!

Why Digital Marketing For Dentists Is Needed

Let’s face it, in today’s modern environment, if you’re not marketing yourself online, you’re missing a HUGE growth opportunity. In fact, 93% of Americans use the internet to shop, connect with others and search for information. Yet, the dental industry overall often struggles with digital marketing. That is why it is vital to partner with a full-service marketing firm, like CloudTalk Interactive. Serving clients large and small across the United States, we create professionally crafted, custom marketing campaigns for a variety of businesses and industries.

Digital Marketing For Dentists

Dental Focused PPC

Building dental-focused websites that drive traffic is one of our specialties. We expertly design and develop websites that not only inform, but also attract new patients to your practice. By utilizing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, your site will appear near the top of social media and search engine results. PPC is an effective method for quickly creating interest and generating new patient bookings.

Whether you are a general or cosmetic dentist, oral surgeon, periodontist, orthodontist or pediatric dentist, paid advertising is highly recommended. Our team is Google certified, with many years of experience in creating optimized dental PPC campaigns. By developing content on your website to inform and attract potential new patients, CloudTalk Interactive is able to deliver targeted marketing that resonates with your audience.

SEO Specific Dental Content Creation

We evaluate an array of digital marketing options, one of which includes search engine optimization (SEO). This approach places focus on creating web content that drives traffic and informs your current dental patients of your services, procedures, and other pertinent dental focused information. SEO ensures your practice is at the forefront of digital searches, establishing your position as a leading dentist in your area. This technique is used to build credibility, trust and loyalty among prospective patients.

Your website will be developed unique to your practice, and include information pertaining to dental procedures, maintenance and oral health services. By analyzing factors including, demographics, location, population and saturation in the marketplace, we are able to dramatically increase traffic to your site. Dental-specific SEO generates greater response, with increased engagement and enhanced new patient bookings.

Generates Greater Response

  • Content that is appealing
  • Facts about your location
  • Easy to find information

Increased Engagement From Visits

  • Patient FAQ’s
  • What to expect on a visit
  • Common dental procedures

Enhanced New Patient Bookings

  • Facts create trust with your patients
  • Content that answers questions
  • Easy to use digital forms

Email Marketing For Dentist

While often underutilized, dental email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with patients and grow your practice. We are expertly skilled in obtaining, compiling, designing and distributing digital correspondence to patients. Email marketing can be used as a means of circulating general information or news, informing patients of specials and sharing any new services or technology the office may be offering. Email campaigns bring value to patients by increasing engagement and establishing a personal connection. From appointment reminders, to encouraging patient reviews and social media follows, to bringing lapsed patients back in the door, the benefits of email marketing are undeniable.

If your practice could benefit from targeted digital marketing services, while making the best use of your budget, look no further than CloudTalk Interactive. Contact us to obtain a free, customized digital marketing evaluation for your practice.